Everything in nature is changing all the time. Us included.

We are replacing the fibres in our collections. An increasing number of our items are made of materials that are organic or recycled, derived from certified supply chains. By 2025, all the cotton in our collections will be sustainable.

We are reorganising our lines. Starting this year, about a third of our collections will consist of items that won’t vary from season to season, thus reducing waste.

We are extending the life cycle of our products. We design them so that they can last for many years and find a new life once they are worn out, also thanks to our customers.

We are cleaning up our supply chain. As members of SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition) we ask our suppliers to undergo increasingly strict controls regarding both environmental policies and workers’ rights.

We are renovating our stores. While doing so, we are focusing on natural materials, regenerated furniture, and better integration between online and offline purchases.

We are reducing our environmental impact. We are on a mission to drastically reduce our GHG emissions by 2030, according to the guidelines of the Science Based Target initiative.

For us this is not just about complying with the rules. It’s an opportunity to evolve harmoniously with the planet that welcomes us and become a company that is both fair and beautiful.

A better company.

Benetton Newsletter


Natural, recycled, regenerated or certified by global authorities in the sustainability field: the materials used for our pieces respect the environment.

Benetton Newsletter


Rules, checks, transparency: our collaborators embrace our commitment to the environment and social justice.

Benetton Newsletter


Fewer scraps, wasted energy and harmful chemical substances: here is how we are reducing our environmental footprint.

Benetton Newsletter


In a world of disposable fashion, we are committed to producing quality pieces. Their duration, however, also depends on who is wearing them.